Vamoosh removes unwanted pet hair

New product ‘Vamoosh’ aims to dissolve pet hair in the washing machine. The hair washes away, leaving pet bedding, washing machines and tumble dryers hair-free and hygienically clean.

This new product was created by inventor Dave Toms who has spent years developing Vamoosh’s patent-pending formula. It works by breaking down the keratin (the tough protein that hair is made of) into smaller pieces so that the hair strands ultimately dissolve.

Along with stubborn pet hairs, pet bedding can also harbour harmful bacteria such as salmonella and listeria and experts recommend that it is washed regularly.

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Dave Toms says: “Washing pet bedding is a well-known headache amongst pet owners, and the current methods people use are laborious and generally ineffective.

“We are confident that Vamoosh will be welcomed by the owners of the 16.5 million dogs and cats across the UK who are looking for a quick, easy and effective solution for washing their pet bedding whilst leaving their home appliances clean. As it is such a unique product, Vamoosh is an ideal choice for pet retailers as will not ‘cannibalise’ other product sales meaning greater sales and profit potential.”

Vamoosh retails at £5.99 for a box of three sachets. For more information contact: or Alternatively ask your wholesaler.

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