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Bestway Wholesale welcomes new sales director

Tony Holmes has been appointed Sales Director of Bestway Wholesale. He will take full control of sales operations, covering pet, retail, catering and foodservice.

The past year has seen the company return to good profit and EBITDA growth after a sustained period of investment in the financial year 2015/16.

The new structure will see Tont head up all sales route-to-market functions – including the company’s contact telesales service in Perth – and marketing.

Martin Race, managing director comments “As we enter our new financial year, this is a fantastic time to review and redefine the way we work with customers to make sure we are ready for the year ahead.

“Like every wholesaler we will have challenges along the way but with customer satisfaction now at its highest ever level, best-one posting the largest double digit organic growth of any symbol operator and a renewed effort in catering and the on-trade sectors, we have a terrific platform to deliver further growth for the business.

“The appointment of Tony will bring greater structure and energise the teams to ensure Bestway Wholesale remains the Best Way for customers to grow their food and drink businesses.”

Tony who joined the business in February 2016 as Sales Director for Retail and has already set bold targets for the company’s Symbol & Club, Catering and Pet divisions. “We have audacious plans for increase sales, market share and deliver real value for customers.”

Holmes will be supported in his new role by Mike Ward, Head of Sales for retail, Frank Fraser, Head of Catering Sales, Mike Bailey, Head of Bestpets, Salih Sheikh, head of marketing and a new Head of Contact Centre whose appointment will be announced shortly.

James Hall, Symbol Development Director will continue his responsibility for driving Best-one development with Paul Adams in the newly created post as Head of Brand and Ross Halliday as Head of Club & Symbol Operations.

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