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Lucky Pet® launches new website

Lucky Pet® is making it easier than ever for trade customers to place orders, request a visit and browse its range. On June 12, the company launched a new website, price list and catalogue to help retailers learn more about its UK-made pet products.

All products on the new site are barcoded by both size and colour, to help stockists reorder.

Other new services include a stockist locator, which will allow pet owners to find the nearest store that stocks Lucky Pet® products. The company also plans to create a new retail-to-stockist scheme. Managing director, Kay Wright, said:  “Our aim has always been to support local pet shops.”

Kay added: “We have also introduced over the past months our new characters, they are on our building, on our marque and our vehicle. We have also incorporated them in our name to run alongside our more traditional logo.” The fun, new cat and dog figure will be appearing as part as Lucky Pet®’s standard branding.


To view the new website visit


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