PetLondon launches smoothie-inspired dog outfits and accessories

PetLondon has announced the launch of The Mommy and Me range, a brand new sunshine inspired collection, where owners and pets can fully coordinate their outfits and accessories.

The prints are available in three different flavours: Cherry Punch, Pineapple Smoothie & Watermelon Juice.

The Cherry Punch pattern with glossy red fruits with green leaves and dark stems fills the entire canvas.

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The Pineapple Smoothie print uses luminous colours and a free-sketch fruit design. In the language of flowers, the pineapple means ‘you are perfect’.

The minimalist Watermelon Juice is the third of the designs. Its understated tutti-fruitti pattern features a watermelon accompanied with a banana. It’s displayed in a un-busy and drop down fashion and is available in a choice of two soft pastilles, either pink or watermelon green.

Each ‘flavour’ is available in both an identical 100 percent cotton dress or teeshirt with matching totebags. The tee is a slim fit designed to cover the whole length of the body, with sleeveless arms. The summer dress aims to provide maximum protection for the sun whilst being light and airy.

Also available are Tote Bags in contemporary designs for the modern savvy consumer and made from 100 percent cotton. They’re easy to fold up and carry around in a pocket, handbag or dog carrier.

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