Tetra launches new Starter Line Aquarium

Tetra has expanded its range of aquariums for beginners with the Starter Line 30L. The Tetra Starter Line 30L aims to offer a high-quality entry level aquarium at an affordable price.

The tank is designed for easy installation and comes with low maintenance features. The set includes a cover with 6-watt LED lighting and a convenient feeding hatch. It features a Tetra EasyCrystal Filter for clean water (supplied with two filter cartridges) and comes with a Tetra AquaSafe water conditioner sachet that makes tap water safe for fish.

Ashleigh Foster, aquatics marketing manager at Tetra comments, “Our Starter Line aquariums have been hugely popular in inspiring budding fishkeepers to join the hobby by offering them a simple and safe introduction to fishkeeping at a great price.

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“By educating consumers on the ease of fishkeeping as well as providing them with the solutions they need to successfully start their journey, retailers can position themselves as experts leading to an increase in store sales as well as supporting the growth of the industry.”

The Starter Line 30L Aquarium has an RRP of £58.99 and is suitable for goldfish. For those looking to keep tropical fish, the aquarium can quickly and easily be upgraded with the Tetra HT-50 heater.

For more information about Tetra, visit or join in the conversation with Tetra UK on Facebook.

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