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Sales manager is most sought after role for job seekers

Recruitment expert, Lynda Ward, has revealed the role of greatest interest to the pet sector’s job seekers. The founder of recruiting specialist Pet Trade Solutions has found that sales manager is the most popular position.

She says: “Increasingly when sales people are dissatisfied with their current role or employer they either want to move up the ladder or, in some cases, down the ladder!

“Whilst it’s quite understandable that candidates aspire to a management role due to progressing their career or increasing their salary it’s quite interesting that few people seek to stay at the same level and somewhat alarming when I hear from senior managers or even directors intent on a lesser role.”

Asked why people are prepared for a drop in status and salary she replied: “The main reason is stress – caused by a variety of reasons including pressure of responsibility  and long working hours.”


She adds: “I always caution my contacts to think very carefully about a downward move as their perception may be askew and potential employers will be wary. There are pressures in every job – different but not necessarily better…..”

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