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Eurotunnel welcomes 2 millionth pet on board Le Shuttle

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle is celebrating the success of its Pet Travel service. The two millionth pet to use the service made the crossing to France in May 2017.

Ollie, an eight-year-old Norfolk Terrier from London, travelled with his owner, John Hannon, to the family’s property in France.

Mr Hannon said: “We’ve been travelling with Eurotunnel a long time. To be able to take Ollie on holiday and have him with us the whole time we’re travelling is great for us and for him.

On top of that, it’s really quick, there’s no queuing on and off, no sea sickness and the facilities for dogs at the terminals are great too.”

Eurotunnel’s pet travel milestone has been reached just four years after the one millionth pet travelled via Eurotunnel Le Shuttle in 2013. The Pet Travel service, set up under the UK “Pet Travel Scheme” opened in 2001.

Speaking about the service, Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “Eurotunnel Le Shuttle is a great example of a business adopting a wonderfully dog-friendly attitude.

“Dogs are very much a part of the family and by treating them as such, Eurotunnel Le Shuttle has become the first port of call for dog owners heading over to France with their four-legged friends, which is why it is the Kennel Club’s number one choice for crossing the Channel.”


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