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Prins Petfoods announces sponsorship of football club

Prins Petfoods will become the new back-of-shirt sponsor for the Dutch soccer club Vitesse for the upcoming season.

The family company, situated in Veenendaal specialises in 100 percent natural cat and dogfood. It will replace the current sponsor, Smipe. Prins Petfoods and Vitesse have signed a three year contract.

Vitesse is ranked fifth in the Dutch Premier League. Wil Mulders, director of Prins Petfoods says: “We believe in the way in which Vitesse manifests itself. We were looking for a regional partner with whom we could identify ourselves and increase our brand awareness.”

“Both companies’ visions overlap in which movement and a good understanding of health are the most important elements”, continued Mulders. “Prins Petfoods also cannot do without innovation and investing in people and the future. We want to create an experience surrounding our product, just as football is an experience we too want to turn our customers into real fans.

“Petfood combined with football is probably not the most obvious combination, however when looking at the values which Prins and Vitesse share, the connection is very logical.”

Willem van der Linden, manager of commercial affairs at Vitesse added: “The contact with Prins Petfoods has been warm for a while already. Prins is already a partner of the Vitesse Football Academy and currently working on a joint plan to get youth more involved with and closer to football. The new sponsor agreement will allow for the collaboration to be intensified and expanded. A great move!”


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