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Japanese koi breeder to attend trade buyers’ event

Japanese koi breeder and exporter Katsumi Fukushima will visit England in June for a buyers’ event hosted by Koi Wholesale. 

Koi Wholesale, a family run business based in Nottinghamshire, is a leading UK supplier of high quality Japanese imported koi.

Katsumi, who was one of the first exporters in Japan, will meet Koi Wholesale’s customers and guests to share his knowledge and experience at the event on June 14.

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Trade customers will get the first opportunity to view a tosai selection (one year old fish) which features unusual varieties such as Beni Kumonryu, Doitsu Ochiba, Hariwake, Ochiba, Doitsu Gosanke, Ki Utsuri and many others.

A collection of 100 pieces of very high quality nisai (two year old fish) will also be selected for the event.

The majority of koi will be available to openly hand select on the day but there will be a small selection reserved for a Japanese style open sale – a free draw to decide who has first pick of the fish.

Ricky Stoddart, managing director at Koi Wholesale, said: “This event brings one of Japan’s most respected breeders to the UK and customers will be able to get advice as well as access some of Katsumi’s popular yet unusual varieties.

“We’ve had an excellent relationship with Katsumi for many years and frequently visit him during buying trips to Japan. It’s good to be able to return the hospitality and invite our customers, associates and industry friends to meet him.”

All fish available on the day will have been fully quarantined at Koi Wholesale’s CEFAS approved facility.

Koi Wholesale imports and supplies quality koi to a range of UK retailers, koi specialists and aquatics centres.

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