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Zoomark names winner of Aqua Project Award

Interest in ornamental fish is on the rise in Italy, reported Zoomark International 2017. The B2B pet show attracted attention with its Aqua Project. The event’s new aquariology area was unveiled from May 11-14 at Bologna, Italy.

The Aqua Project was one of many specialist areas within the biennale international show, organised by BolognaFiere. At the conclusion of the event the prizes for the first ever Aqua Project Award were presented. The awards acknowledged professionalism and creativity in the design and creation of aquariums and terrariums and is open to owners of pet shops, garden centres and aquarium retailers present in Italy.

The winner of first prize was Booty Bay (Cura Carpignano, in Pavia), second prize went to L’Arca di Noè (Vittoria, Ragusa), third prize went to Habitat Acquari (Livorno).

The aquarium by Booty Bay, the shop from Pavia, is a tropical marine tank (dimensions 130 x 65 x 65cm)  in extra-clear glass with fauna consisting of hard corals (small and large polyped scleractinia) of mainly Australian origin and some fish and prawns.

The tank created by the shop from Ragusa L’Arca di Noè, however, is a ‘community aquarium’ (dimensions 50 x 50 x 50cm), containing a variety of fish, plants and invertebrates that, over time, go on to constitute a genuine community.

Finally the tank prepared by the Livorno shop Habitat Acquari, is designed according to the ‘Oceanlife’ protocol (dimensions 160 x 100 x 50cm), simulating a genuine marine ecosystem composed of various species of corals, both hard and soft, and diverse varieties of coral barrier reef fishes.

The three winning aquariums were admired in the Aqua Project area, situated in Pavilion 19, where on Sunday 14th at 12pm the awards were presented to the winners.


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