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Pooch & Mutt launches in Spain

Pet food manufacturer Pooch & Mutt has begun a ‘soft launch’ in Spain. The company’s full range of products is now available in three Kiwoko stores.

Kiwoko, a Spanish pet shop chain, will be stocking all Pooch & Mutt products. The 2kg and 10kg grain-free dry dog foods will be available to customers, as well as the grain-free treats and wheat-free tube treats. The soft launch in Spain is part of Pooch & Mutt’s bid to gain more exposure in the international pet food market.

Pooch & Mutt’s grain-free functional food range is made up of a 45 percent single protein source, with natural ingredients and​ supplements that are ‘built in’.​ ​These active ingredients target current health concerns in the dog population, such as weight gain, excitable behaviour, and bad breath. For example, the Fresh Breath tube treats are formulated with peppermint and parsley in order to aid breath scent.

Commenting on the recent launch, key account holder Hannah King said: “It’s our first venture into Spain, we’re really excited to make the products available to our Spanish customers. We’re looking forward to a long and successful relationship with Kiwoko.”

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