New Choca-Doodle Bathing Range

Poodle crossbreeds, or Doodles, are becoming ever more popular with dog owners. There’s just one problem: their coats come in all different types, colours, lengths and, most importantly, conditions.

Choca-Doodle is developed especially for Doodle coats. This range endeavours to provide the tools to tackle their grooming with ease, whether you’re an owner or a groomer.

The following two products are aimed at dogs that simply need a bath and a brush through. This shampoo and spray have a double chocolate delight fragrance.

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Choca-Doodle 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo

Clean and condition the hair, without weighing the coat down. This shampoo makes the coat soft, smooth and silky.

Choca-Doodle Comb Thru’ Spray

Gentle spray to help owners and groomers ease out tangles and knots from wet coats without weighing them down. Can also be used on dry coats between washes to keep tangles at bay.

Home groomers or professionals can use following two products, designed for dogs that are scissored for a lovely end result. This shampoo and spray feature a sweet chocolate-orange scent.

Choca-Doodle Stand Proud Shampoo

This deep cleansing shampoo helps to give volume to the coat, allowing it to stand up away from the skin, enabling easier scissoring and therefore a better coat finish.

Choca-Doodle Curl Create Spray

This multi-use spray defines natural curls when used on damp hair and helps to refresh curls and reduce frizz on dry hair. Alternatively, it can be used as a scissoring spray to help keep hair in place.
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