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Huxley Hound creates organic treats using British-grown veg

Backed by the bio-science department of Nottingham University, Huxley Hound has created a distinct meat-free treat for dogs. The new product is made with British grown, dehydrated organic veg.

Huxley Hound founder, Mike Deane, said: Whilst  it’s been well known for some while that vegetables and their beneficial nutrients are an integral part of any health conscious hound’s daily diet, what wasn’t appreciated is a canine’s stubborn anatomy that is not well-versed at breaking down the cellulose that guards the all-important vitamins and minerals.

“After much research and countless trials we’ve created a unique dehydration process that nudges all the essential goodies to the surface of our treats, making it easier for pets to ingest them”

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With a flourishing online business and an expanding national network of independent pet stores, Huxley has launched a four strong portfolio of Vegetarian Society approved pet snacks:

  • beetroot
  • parsnip
  • sweet potato
  • carrot 

The company aims to provide healthier living pet snacks to accompany any pet’s daily diet. For more information go to

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