The Dog Treat Company gets tails wagging for Valentine’s Day

The Dog Treat Company has released a brand new dog treat for Valentine’s Day 2017. The fast-growing rural business aims to set tails wagging with Paw-Ever Yours.

The low calorie, wheat-free treat is available in a collectable tin. It’s made with free-range chicken and eggs and a selection of beneficial herbs.

Company founder, Joe Halliwell, said: “A great deal of attention goes into deciding what delicious yet better-for-you herbs go into every batch of DEFRA approved goodies. In this instance we chose rosehip for its anti-inflammatory and skin soothing properties, coconut oil because it’s rich in healthy cholesterol helping to promote healthy hearts and thyme because its brimming with vitamin A&C, helps ease arthritis and upset stomachs.  

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“Better-than that, and like any thoughtful pet-themed aphrodisiac, thyme reduces flatulence and parasitic worms, a win-win for any pet and its adoring owner.”

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