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Pet store inspectors need ‘broad knowledge of species’

East Hampshire District Council officials hosted a Promotion of Animal Welfare Seminar on 18 January 2017. The event was sponsored by the animal handling equipment experts MDC, among others.

Delegates listened to presentations from various speakers. In an overview of pet store inspections and licensing, animal health inspector Sharon Edwards said that pet store inspectors “need to have a broad knowledge of the species that may be for sale”.

A delegate pointed out that they were primarily involved in food health and no training was provided. This highlighted the common theme to emerge from the seminar; the unintended consequence of existing or proposed rulings/orders and the importance of clear enforcement strategies.

In promoting a new campaign called ‘Access All Areas’, a spokesperson for Guide Dogs (Peter Bungay) revealed that 49 percent of guide dog owners surveyed had experienced an access refusal in the last 12 months.

Peter said the main reasons for denial were cultural and religious. The campaign is aiming for all assistance dog owners to be able to access taxis, shops and restaurants in line with their legal rights.

Canine dog law specialist Trevor Cooper gave an individual appraisal of BSL and other legal updates.

The Kennel Club’s Stephen Jenkinson explained Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs). He also held an additional activity for delegates to consider proposed prohibited activities. He concluded his talk by stating, “Bad PSPOs don’t help anyone”.

The seminar closed with a prize draw for an MDC Bali Net won by officer Abby Hardy. For more details on MDC, visit the company’s website or call 01582 655600.

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