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Investment opportunities with Cotswold RAW

Pet food brand Cotswold RAW is seeking £250k. The company is preparing to give away up to 10 percent of its business for an investment via Crowdcube.

Cotswold RAW is crowdfunding to accelerate its growth and make the jump from regional to national raw specialist.

Founded in autumn 2015 by Mark Lewis and Chris Brierley, the business’ rural operation is built around local sourcing, ingredients’ traceability and countryside sustainability.

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The company’s balanced business portfolio is split between retail and home delivery. Cotswold RAW aims to tap into the growing trend of ‘pet humanisation,’ where health conscious pet owners apply the same choices to their pet’s food as they do their own: free-from, grain-free, raw, all-natural, the presence of superfoods.

Cotswold RAW’s portfolio includes its award-winning raw sausage recipes. The sausage format has been instrumental in helping new raw converts find food formats they’d expect from their own meals.

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