Dog food’s sustainably caught fish are MSC-certified

Beco Food for Dogs uses sustainably caught fish certified by The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) watchdog.

The range contains only ethically and locally sourced human-grade ingredients. All products are meat-meal-free and grain-free.

The brand’s founders, dog owners George Bramble and Toby Massey, argue that if discerning shoppers want gluten-free food, free-range chicken and sustainably caught fish to feed their families, dogs now deserve better, too.

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George says: “We believe pet owners should have an ethical choice. People who shop in farmers’ markets around the country, in London’s Borough Market or Waitrose these days really care where their groceries come from. They also want the choice of where their pet food ingredients come from.

“We decided to use wild boar because it’s much better for the environment than other four-legged, or large meat breeds such as sheep and cattle. Sheep and cattle are ruminants. Wild boar have one stomach and therefore emit much less methane.

“People like free-range chicken for themselves so we were amazed that people didn’t have the option to buy the same for their dogs. They buy MSC-certified fish for themselves. Quite rightly, they now say: ‘Why can’t we have that for our dogs?’”

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