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Abandoned puppy dies in freezing conditions

A four-week-old puppy was abandoned in a box in Birmingham in freezing cold weather. The puppy was left by the canal and discovered by a passerby early on November 9.

The man who discovered her was very concerned for her. He took her home and called the RSPCA. Inspector Mark Scargill, who is investigating, said: “She was very cold and very weak when she was found and the kind-hearted gentleman took her home to warm her up.

“I went to collect the little pup and took her to the RSPCA’s Newbrook Animal Hospital where veterinary staff could care for her.”

To mark Remembrance Day, staff decided to name the little crossbreed Poppy. The puppy was too young to be away from her mother and x-rays showed she had fluid on the chest.


“Sadly, little Poppy was so weak that, despite round-the-clock care, she didn’t make it through the night,” Inspector Scargill added.

“To dump a puppy outside in the freezing winter weather, with just a cardboard box for shelter, is simply unbelievable.

“Incidents such as this highlight the throwaway attitude that some people have towards animals.”

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