New natural hides and branches available from Arcadia

Two natural coconut hides and one large ‘branch’ will soon be available from specialist pet product supplier, Arcadia. Coconut flower bases are a by-product of the agricultural industry and can be used as all natural caves and decoration.

The caves and ‘branch’ can be used in all systems for any species, even mammals. Being natural and fibrous, they can help greatly with humidity retention and can play a very useful role for providing anchor points for shedding, especially in snakes. They are suitable for both tropical and arid use.

These natural products support Arcadia’s core ideals of ‘Wild Re-Creation™’ and do not contain the petrochemicals used in plastics and resins.

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The two varieties of hide will be sold in boxes of eight of each type only. Branches are sold in boxes of 12. Each item will however have its own product code sticker.

As these are natural products, each item will be individual and slightly different to the next. The caves are of similar size but one has a coco fibre ‘skirt’ that will also help draw moisture into the hide, thus increasing internal humidity levels.

Products will be affordably priced. For more information contact the team at

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