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Queezibics® launches new product for car sick dogs

Queezibics aims to tackle travel sickness in dogs. Inspired by the brand’s human products, QueezibicsDF (short for dog formula) uses ginger to relieve the symptoms of motion sickness and queasy stomachs.

In 2014 Queezibics were introduced for humans. The formula was based on the findings of research studies conducted in the USA and Australia.

Since then Queezibics have taken an increasing share of the travel sickness market. The company reports strong interest from those on medications, because they are pure, safe and natural, and parents who are reluctant to give pills to young children.

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Dog Formulation

QueezibicsDF offer benefits to pet owners. It’s an easy alternative to wrapping a pill in their dog’s favourite food in the hope that they won’t spit it out. All they have to do is give their dog one or two biscuits before they travel. QueezibicsDF’s solgan is: “You know it’s a remedy – Your dog will think it’s a treat!”

Launched at PATS Telford

QueezibicsDF were launched on the Hem and Boo stand at the PATS Telford trade show. The company reported a tremendous reception from retailers and wholesalers alike many of whom were able to sample QueezibicsDF.

On September 20 2016, prior to PATS in Telford, QueezibicsDF supplied a branch of “Creature Comforts” in Honiton, Devon with cartons of QueezibicsDF. Two of the cartons were placed on the counter by Ian Fallon the firm’s general manager.

He subsequently reported that a lady had visited the branch whilst he was there. She was on holiday with two car sick dogs. When he recommended that she should try QueezibicsDF she said: “If they don’t work I will be back!” She returned on 29th September and said: “They worked brilliantly” and purchased two more cartons.

Presentation and packaging

QueezibicsDF are packed in airtight bags containing approximately 15 biscuits. Each full colour eye, catching carton explains the product and provides the pet owner with useful tips when travelling.

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