Scruffs® Thermal Bedding and Noodle Dry Mat prove popular at PATS

Manchester-based pet bed specialists Scruffs® have reported a successful PATS® 2016. The company’s Thermal Self-Heating beds and Super-Absorbent Noodle Dry Mats were popular as retailers readied themselves for winter.

The Scruffs® Thermal, self-heating pet beds help to keep pets warm on cold winter nights. Each bed contains a foam layer, backed with reflective foil. This layer is sandwiched between quilted polyester fibres and the beds main fill. It reflects body heat back to the pet, keeping them warm.

The quilted hollow fibre lies beneath a super soft fleece cover this layer holds warm air around the pet providing added insulation.

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The Scruffs® Noodle Dry Mat is extremely absorbent. It easily soaks up excess moisture, enabling dogs’ coats to dry quickly after a wet and muddy walk. Micro-fibre chenille is used to produce the dry mats’ ‘noodles’.

The micro-fibre material is made from millions of textured, ultrafine strands woven together to achieve a surface area that is much greater than the actual size of the dry mat. This vast surface area gives the dry mat its super-absorbent properties. It soaks up water just like a sponge, as well as improving airflow, meaning drying time is greatly reduced.

Scruffs®’ group sales director Dubby Klyne said: “We’re pleased to feedback that the Self-Heating Thermal series of bedding and the Noodle Dry Mat were the highlights of PATS® 2016 for Scruffs®.

“The Thermal collection has been our best-selling line since launch, and we’re looking forward to entering another optimum selling time for this range. The Noodle Dry Mat has also been a top seller for Scruffs® throughout 2016, and we are expecting the trend to continue as the weather changes over the coming months.”

For more information on the Scruffs® Thermal Collection & Noodle Dry Mat or for general enquiries, contact the Scruffs® marketing team on 0161 702 5060.


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