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Orphaned kitten finds a home with third adoptive mum

A rescue cat is nursing her own kitten with special needs along with two kittens from separate litters.

14-month-old stray, Millie, was pregnant upon her arrival at Yorkshire Cat Rescue. Sadly, one of her two kittens did not survive, leaving baby Mia who has abnormally large paws and short front legs.

Mia was unable to stimulate her mum to produce enough milk. So Millie was given the chance to adopt one a large litter of seven kittens that was born at the re-homing centre.

But when week-old orphan kitten, Floki arrived at the same time, staff decided to see if Helga, a mum with would adopt him. Initially she seemed to accept the kitten as her own and the duo joined Mille in the Yorkshire Cat Rescue foster home.

When Helga, who was unwell, became unable to care for Floki, her foster mum decided to see if Millie would adopt the little straggler instead. And she did without hesitation.

Sam Davies, centre manager at Yorkshire Cat Rescue has been following the family. She said: “If you didn’t know any better, you would think this was just a normal family of four. Millie adores her kittens – she is one of the most caring and resourceful mums I have ever seen. Although not from the same litters, this remarkable little trio have certainly become brothers in arms. You have to take your hat off to a cat like Millie. Maybe there is a lesson to be learnt for us all.”

Sam constituted: “Orphan kittens are hugely demanding to feed, clean and care for. The 24/7 care that a mother cat provides is an incredible resource and, if at all possible, we try and place orphans with female cats that are either nursing their own litter or have recently had kittens which might have died. Sometimes, the adoptive mother just cleans the kittens and keeps them warm while we hand-feed them which is in itself a huge help and of great benefit to the kittens.”

All three kittens will be put up for adoption as soon as they are old enough to leave their foster home. Before then, they will be neutered, vaccinated, treated for worms and micro chipped.


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