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World Feeds launches three new product ranges

World Feeds will soon cover more areas of aquarium and pond nutrition than ever before, following the company’s launch of three new product ranges.

The Yorkshire-based fish nutrition innovator has created its first range of invertebrate diets. These will satisfy the dietary needs of corals and anemones which are not met through photosynthesis.

The invertebrate diets include a unique soft LPS Coral Pellet and two micronized flake products for SPS and Soft Corals, all of which contain an advanced blend of amino acids to facilitate polyp extension to feed corals as they would in the wild by trapping suspended matter.

Also in the invertebrate range is the Anemone Pellet. It was developed to suit the passive feeding mechanisms of carnivorous anemones by mimicking larger particles of food or fish.

With holiday-makers in mind, World Feeds has also launched the Vitalis Holiday Feeder. It’s formulated to sustain freshwater fish whilst owners are away for up to seven days. Using gel technology to lock in the ingredients, the Holiday Feeder remains stable in an aquarium as tailor-made nutrition is delivered to the fish.

The Koi Pellet has been created following extensive testing. The soft sinking, highly digestive pellet can be used throughout the year due to the high quality materials used in its formulation. This ensures enhanced growth and colour in the koi, in addition to improved pond water quality.

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