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Ceva Animal Health has renamed its established FELIWAY® product FELIWAY® CLASSIC. The announcement follows the successful introduction of FELIWAY® FRIENDS to the UK’s leading feline behaviour range.

The change aims to differentiate FELIWAY CLASSIC, in purple packaging, from the new FELIWAY FRIENDS, in red packaging, when new stocks filter through later in the year.

“By adding CLASSIC to the original FELIWAY we are helping cat owners differentiate between the different pheromone products, whilst enhancing the FELIWAY brand,” commented Claire Russell, pheromone product manager at Ceva Animal Health.

FELIWAY FRIENDS is the cat pheromone clinically proven to help reduce tension and conflicts in multi-cat households which include fighting, chasing/stalking, blocking each other from resources, staring and hiding away (De Porter et al. 2014) .

It is a synthetic copy of the cat appeasing pheromone (CAP) naturally produced by the queen after giving birth, which helps cats feel safe and secure and maintains a harmonious bond between them.


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