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Carnilove celebrates outstanding score from dog food review site

Carnilove has been awarded 4.9 out of 5 by well respected dog food review site. provided high points for the following attributes:

  • Carnilove’s 70 percent meats of wild-origin  
  • Carnilove’s grain-free and potato-free recipe 
  • Carnilove contains no common allergy containing ingredients
  • The ingredients list is clear and leaves no room for misrepresentation

At 67p per day to feed a 16kg dog, Carnilove Duck & Pheasant is said to offer the best value of all the similarly rated dog foods on the site.

Carnilove dry dog food is available in bag sizes, 1.5kg and 12kg. Prices start at £7.95 and £47.95 respectively. Carnilove is also available as a wet food in 400g cans, which retail at £2.25. It offers retail price points in line with the mainstream brands, great margins and in-store marketing support. The firm describes it as a growing favourite amongst pet speciality retailers and dog lovers alike.

Contact BSB Products Limited on 01737 488400 for more information, or email to find out more about the Carnilove product range and the introductory stocking deals available. 

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