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Forthglade’s new look and new recipes

Natural pet food company, Forthglade, has revealed its brand new look. The company will also be adding new recipes to its rebranded cat food range.

The Devon-based company guarantees that its 100 percent natural meals contain a minimum meat content of 85 percent. They are also free from any junk or fillers. The 90g meals served in convenient trays for ease, are hypo-allergenic, grain free and gentle on sensitive tummies.

The range includes recipes such as Chicken & Duck, Salmon & Turkey or Lamb & Turkey. To ensure optimum health at the varying life stages, meals are tailored to age with specific meals developed for kittens 1-12 months, adult cats one to seven years and senior cats from seven years+.

Forthglade complete recipes contain omega 3 which can support a cat’s immunity and encourage healthy skin and coat. The meals also contain minerals, vitamins and prebiotics to aid nutrient absorption and increase ‘good’ gut bacteria, as well as Taurine which is added as an essential amino acid to further support feline health.

  • Chicken & Duck – kitten
  • Salmon & Turkey – adult cat
  • Turkey & Duck- adult cat
  • Chicken & Duck – adult cat
  • Salmon & Chicken – senior cat

Forthglade have just launched two new multi-packs containing 12 delicious meals. The Fisherman’s Selection includes four Salmon & Turkey, four Ocean Fish & Chicken and four Trout & Duck.  

Whilst meat loving cats will enjoy the Country Meat Selection with four Chicken & Duck, four Lamb & Turkey and four Turkey & Duck, both multi-packs RRP £8.75 each.

Forthglade also produces a wide range of delicious and healthy complete and complementary dog foods. For more information on Forthglade’s pet foods visit

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