DogStar launches new grooming tool range

Group55 has launched a new range of DogStar grooming tools to ensure all dogs look their best between trips to the groomers.

The DogStar shampoo range, which launched in September 2015, comes in five popular fragrances. Four new tools to complement the range.

“DogStar is a brand which doesn’t take itself too seriously, it offers a great product at an entry level price point,” said Group55 managing director Stephen Turner.

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He added: “The launch of our shampoos, which exceeded all expectations, has given us the confidence to roll out the range of grooming tools, which have proved to be hugely successful given the enormous interest shown at trade shows both in the UK and abroad.”

As well as a nail trimmer, which allows users to keep their dog (and themselves safe) from scratching, there’s also a flea comb and two different grooming brushes, perfect to help pamper pets.

The flea comb is designed to not only check for the offending insects but also for removing fleas, their eggs and debris quickly and easily.

The Slicker Brush is perfect for double coated and long haired breeds as well as those who just need a bit of pampering.

Finally, there’s the Combo Brush, which is the ultimate multi-tasker. The soft nylon bristle helps to remove any loose hair, while also massaging the skin to help stimulate natural oils which are essential in a healthy coat.

On the other side the ball pins help reduce any knots and tangles, while also removing any dead and unwanted hair.

All brushes are available across the UK through retailers and distributors. For more information visit


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