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AATU showcases brand new ranges

AATU showcased two brand-new ranges of wet pet food in May 2016 at trade show, Interzoo. The British evolutionary dog and cat food brand produces ultra premium and high protein dry diets.

Following requests from trade and retail customers AATU decided to expand into wet food. The new range for dogs features 90 percent animal sourced ingredients, and is available in a range of five interesting flavours including Wild Boar & Pork, Beef & Buffalo, and Pasture Fed Lamb. These grain free recipes can be fed as either a complete meal or as a topper with the dry food.

The wet food for cats has been specifically designed to suit a feline’s carnivorous protein requirements by containing an even higher amount of animal ingredients. AATU for Cat pouches include a 97 percent meat content.

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Available in portion controlled, easy-tear pouches, this exciting extension range also comes in five unique flavours, such as Chicken & Quail, Turkey & Goose, and Duck & Chickens Liver.

Both of the brand-new lines from AATU also contain the familiar Super 8 which features in the dry food alternatives. A bespoke formula of 8 fruits, 8 vegetables, 8 herbs & botanicals provides a combination of vitamins and minerals along with incredible flavour.

The meat is ground, more finely for the cat food; the Super 8 is then added along with minerals and vitamins. The raw mince is mixed together; then can is filled then sealed and then gently steamed. No preservatives are required.  

The AATU for dogs wet food is the perfect partner for the award winning 5/5 stars AATU for dogs’ dry dog food range voted for by comparison website Allaboutdogfood.

AATU dog & cat wet will be available soon, for more information email, call 01442 212 392 or go to

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