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SureFeed® Sealed Pet Bowl retains moisture in wet cat food

The SureFeed® Sealed Pet Bowl has been proven to retain moisture in wet cat food. Testing commissioned by SureFlap® took place in an independent laboratory, at 20°C. Wet cat food left in a SureFeed® Sealed Pet Bowl was found to retained 99.8 percent of its moisture over 12 hours.

In comparison, the same cat food kept in a conventional open bowl was said to lose more than 20 percent of its total moisture over the same period.

The SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl features a motion-activated lid that opens when a pet approaches to reveal the food bowl containing the pet’s food; the lid then closes onto the sealed bowl when the pet moves away after eating.

“Cats are natural grazers and often eat between ten and 20 small meals a day, meaning that food should ideally be left out for them,” commented Jon Bowen, veterinary behaviourist at the Royal Veterinary College.

He continued: “In the wild, cats prefer food that is moist like meat or dry and crunchy like insects and in a domestic environment this often means that wet food kept in a conventional bowl dries out and rapidly becomes unappealing. The SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl prevents wet food from drying out and ensures that food is kept fresher for longer.”

SureFlap will exhibit its innovative range of SureFeed pet feeders and its award-winning range of microchip pet doors in the British Pavilion at Interzoo. The company showcased its new range of SureFeed accessories including a stainless steel bowl and a bundled bowl and mat set available in four colours.  The new accessories will be available later in the summer.

For further information on the SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl (RRP £49.99) or the company’s microchip operated pet products which include the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder or its SureFlap microchip pet doors, visit, phone 0800 912 7114 or email


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