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Peewee the parrot and Kirk Rothwell film Bucktons’ bird care guides

New Bucktons brand manager Kirk Rothwell has teamed up with Peewee the Red Lored Amazon parrot and Matt Brash, celebrity wildlife and zoo vet, to film pet bird care guides.

The care guide videos aim to provide support and advice for pet owners in caring for their birds and will cover the topics of correct housing, daily and weekly health checks and ways to add enrichment to their birds’ lives. The videos will be released later this month.

Kirk said: “Peewee was great in front of the camera, a real natural, but she did try to nibble me at one point! The video shoot was a really good introduction to the company and the world of pet birds.

“Bucktons is a fantastic brand with a great history and over the coming months I’ll be looking to use my expertise to help grow the food range within the categories of pet birds, wild birds and racing pigeons and bring the products to an even wider bird-loving audience.”

Kirk joins Bucktons following success at Tommee Tippee (the UK’s leading baby brand) and Donington Park Race Circuit.

Rachael Dickinson, senior marketing manager said: “It’s great to welcome Kirk to Bucktons. Kirk’s position will really help to strengthen the team further, providing dedicated and focused marketing support to the independent pet retailers. It’s certainly an exciting time for the pet division.”

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