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US and Europe dominate pet retail sales


The US pet food market delivered approximately one third of point-of-sale sales, followed closely by European countries, according to data analysed by GfK.

Dogs were found to represent roughly 80 percent of food spending in the US and Europe with dry dog food accounting for 45 percent of spending in the UK. This is compared to the 80 percent of dry dog food purchased in the Czech Republic or 74 percent in South Africa.

In the US there is a strong preference for wet food to be in a can, however in France, South Africa and the UK, the majority of wet cat food is sold within pouches.

The most popular food type in the US was found to be the ‘natural’ pet foods with it accounting for 69 percent of all sales in the pet retail channel there. The closest to this was the UK with 38 percent. It also captured 68 percent of shelf space in the US compared to 34 percent in the UK and just 20 percent in Greece.

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