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Husky makes a remarkable recovery

Max the husky was taken to Medivet Hendon after suffering severe injuries caused by being run over by a bus, losing most of his skin in the process.

After five firefighters managed to lift the bus, Hendon’s vet, Luca Bresciani, and nurse, Rosalind Oliver, crawled under and sedated Max. Partner and veterinary surgeon Dr Richard Leonard successfully stitched Max’s skin back together, which was the first of many surgeries he will require.

Max is unfortunately without an owner and the costs of his treatment are expensive. Hendon’s veterinary nurse, Heidi Sadler, created a JustGiving page to help fund the treatment. Fireman Llywelyn Legall, who helped rescue Max, used social media to help achieve the fundraising goal. Heart Welfare Husky Charity donated a generous £1,000 to help Max with and have offered to help rehome him.

Heidi Sadler said: “We are all so overwhelmed and cannot thank everyone enough. Max clearly has a real fight for life and thanks to everyone, we are able to make that life the best we possibly can. We know he is eternally grateful.”

The team have reported that Max is making good progress with his recovery.

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