PATS Telford plans exciting seminar lineup

Pet trade show PATS Telford is inviting visitors to attend its free seminars. The event, which takes place on September 27-28, will feature 180 exhibitors and a range of talks on industry-related subjects.

Topics will include; your ultimate guide to independent success; retailing RAW pet foods; helping your customers’ pets get back in shape; using social media to build a loyal customer base; getting more online visitors to your website; and giving retailers something to chirp, shriek and warble about.

“One of the easiest ways to discover new ideas that could help boost your business is to attend the free seminars at PATS,” said organiser Annie Foord.

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She continued: “Most seminars last half-an-hour so there’s no time to become bored. In fact, because of the time limit, there’s a lot of information packed into such a short session and often it’s a good idea to take notes or write down bullet points. Usually, the speaker will take questions at the end of the talk.”

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