Easichick launches hamper competition

Poultry bedding specialist easichick is enticing retailers to promote its award-winning biosecure bedding by offering them the chance to win a luxury hamper containing a range of delicious organic foods.

Easichick, which makes biosecure bedding from recycled wood fibre, is encouraging its retailers to set up special displays of its easichick 10kg bales in stores.

The company is supplying pet retailers with brand new “Point of Sale” material as inspiration. The winner will receive a luxury hamper of organic foods worth more than £50.

Easichick will be carrying out mystery in-store visits to further motivate retailers to take part in the competition, and will also be encouraging shoppers to enter their local store in the competition for the best display, via easichick’s website and social media platforms.

Claire Hayward, easichick’s National Sales Manager, said: “Easichick is growing in popularity every week among chicken keepers. People really are seeing the difference it makes not only to the health of their birds, but how it makes looking after their birds so much easier and less time consuming.

“We have easichick stockists nationwide and now that the bedding is really taking off we wanted to do something to thank our stockists for their support and motivate them to give it an even better showcase.”

Easichick will ask retailers and shoppers to send in photos of their displays, which will act as the store’s entry into the competition.

For more information about easichick go to or call 0161 301 6600.

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