PEDIGREE® Launches New Dry Food For Small Dogs



With 40% of the dog of the population now being small dogs, PEDIGREE® has launched a brand new dry food offering that is available in both adult and puppy formats. Since small dogs have a longer lifespan, as well as different needs to larger dogs, the newly developed PEDIGREE® Small Dog is tailored to meet the nutirional needs of these dogs with antioxidant vitamin E, zinc, Omega 6 and B vitamins.

 Small dogs can be fussy eaters, so the smaller kibbles for their smaller mouths and different colours and shapes, PEDIGREE® Small Dog provides small dogs and their owners with the variety they are looking for in their dry food.

Stocking the line produces a greater variety of products for shoppers to choose from when buying food for their pets. The adult PEDIGREE® Small Dog dry food comes in Beef and Vegetables or Chicken and Vegetables in sizes 900g, RRP £2.59, 1.4kg, RRP £3.99 or 2.7kg format, RRP £6.99. A 1.4kg puppy format is also £3.99 and all varients of PEDIGREE® Small Dog are now available for retailers to stock.

Stephanie Case, Category and Customer Marketing Director, Mars Petcare UK: “At Mars Petcare we have seen the trend for small dogs increase over the years,  so we have tailored our product to fit with the needs of these dogs. PEDIGREE® Small Dog has the vitamins and minerals every small dog needs to be happy and healthy. We recommend retailers stock up on the PEDIGREE® Small Dog dry food lines, to capture shoppers within a category that is worth over a staggering £2.3bn in the UK.”

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