Trixie’s new grooming product and extra durable toys in fire hose material


German company Trixie has launched a range of brand new durable toys made with fire hose material and a high quality grooming product, Carding.

The fire hose toy collection is not only ultra hard-wearing, but because of their make up, they are also floatable, making them perfect for water games.


Alongside its offering of hard and soft grooming tools, from massage brushes to various combs and un-tanglers, Trixie’s new Carding groomer specialises in removing loose, excess hairs from the undercoat, without  damaging the top coat.



Apart from minimising the need for cleaning furniture and clothing, the reduction of the hair is especially a relief for people with allergies. It is also recommended that dogs that take baths regularly and then take a long time to dry should get their excess undercoat removed to prevent skin diseases. The Carding groomer has an extra sharp blade that only removes only hair that is already dead. This is particularly important for the semi-annual change of coat. The thinning of the undercoat is in many cases more useful than a shearing, since it gives the dog relief without damaging the top coat.

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