Student wins VetSpec national competition

North Lincolnshire based student, Emma West and her seven-month-old Border terrier, Meggy, are the winners of a national competition organised by canine nutrition experts, VetSpec.

The competition, entitled VetSpec ‘Canine on Camera’, required entrants to send in short film clips of their dog showing how entertaining he (or she) could be on camera.


Ollie Reade of VetSpec said: “Since the success of Ashleigh Butler and her talented dog, Pudsey, winners of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ in 2012, the whole world has gone canine crackers about dancing dogs, so we thought this would be a great opportunity to discover a new talented terrier.”


Ollie added: “When we saw Emma’s clip, it was obvious how much time she has spent with Meggy, training her to spin, roll over, high five and play ‘dead’.”


As her prize Emma received a specially commissioned portrait of Meggy by Scunthorpe-based animal artist, Helena Hucklesby and a large tub of VetSpec Healthy Dog.


Emma commented: “I was thrilled to win first prize with Meggy and the picture that Helena drew is amazing – I am a huge fan of her work”.


Written by Alexandra Holt

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