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Advanced dental care for dogs from Arm & Hammer

The Company of Animals has introduced a range of dental products carrying the famous Arm & Hammer name.

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Used in households for over 150 years, the range contains Arm & Hammer’s key ingredient – baking soda – and from mouthwashes to toothbrushes, there is a remedy in the range to suit every dog and owner’s lifestyle. 

Periodontal disease in canines is a serious matter and is a very common condition with surveys establishing that 80 per cent of all dogs and cats over the age of three have accumulated plaque, tartar or associated halitosis.

Dr Roger Mugford, from The Company of Animals, commented: “Many pet owners do not inspect their dog’s teeth and gums at all, leaving it to their vet or groomer to alert them to the consequences of their neglect. Expensive veterinary treatment under anesthesia is then required, yet a small daily investment can prevent these unpleasant problems. Just as exercising a dog is essential, so is cleaning their teeth. The new Arm & Hammer range gives pet owners the option to choose products that suit their lifestyle and their dog’s needs.”

Baking soda is clinically recognised as a powerful cleaning and antibacterial agent, which dissolves deep into teeth and gums. The baking soda formula in Arm & Hammer’s new range, available from The Company of Animals, works by bubbling along the gum line and in between the teeth, rebalancing acidity, plaque and tartar, therefore reducing the main cause of dental disease. Only Arm & Hammer dental care products contain this specially selected form of baking soda.

There are three stages of care: firstly for owners with busy lifestyles there are easy to administer products, Dental Mints and Dental Rinse. Owners with more time to spare could use the Finger Brush and Dental Spray and the toothbrush and toothpaste ranges can help combat dental disease.



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