Burns commemorates Armed Forces Day with Hounds for Heroes

Burns Pet Nutrition, a sponsor of Hounds for Heroes which supplies assistance dogs to injured servicemen, wants to raise awareness of the importance of feeding these working dogs a quality diet.

Burns Pet Nutrition has been working with Hounds for Heroes for three years and helped to launch the charity by hosting Hounds for Heroes on its stand at Crufts back in 2010 to help raise the organisation’s profile. Burns donates food to the training assistance dogs, to keep them in tip top health.

Hounds for Heroes was set up by Allen Parton, an ex chief petty officer in the Royal Navy who served in the Gulf War. A severe head injury left him unable to walk, speak or write and after a long spell in hospital he now relies on his assistance dog EJ to help raise the alarm when he blacks out.

The charity works to provide specially trained assistance dogs to other injured and disabled men and women from the UK’s armed forces and civilian emergency services. The dogs go through rigorous training for a number of years and can complete tasks such as taking cash out of ATM’s and putting washing in and out of the machine.

Allen has arranged a Great Family Dog Walk in Portsmouth on Saturday 29 June. This is Hounds for Heroes way of commemorating Armed Forces Day; showing thanks and respect to the brave men and women who put themselves in harm’s way to protect us. Before the walk participants will pay respects to service personnel.

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