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E-petition launched to raise awareness of rabbit welfare crisis

Camp Nibble, a charity dedicated to rehoming rabbits and rodents, has started a petition in order to raise awareness of the current rabbit welfare crisis in the UK.

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The charity, based in Leeds, West Yorkshire are running the e-petition to urge the government to introduce a code of practice for the welfare of domestic rabbits as the first steps to what could encourage future changes to legislation.

Despite being small charity, Camp Nibble hope that the petition will be successful in increasing awareness of rabbit welfare issues and will show the strength of the public support behind the issues. This comes after it was recently recognised that rabbits are the most neglected and cruelly treated pet in the UK.

So far the petition has obtained 5,500 signatures however the charity needs to acquire 100,000 signatures within one year, should you wish to help Camp Nibble you can sign here

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