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Few pet owners make plans for their pet’s care

According to new research published by rescue and rehoming charity the National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT), only one in five pet owners know who will care for their pets in the event of an emergency.

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Results suggest only 18 per cent of cat owners have a plan in place for an emergency compared to 28 per cent of dog owners despite cats being found to be the more popular pet. In response, the charity has launched its campaign Tails of the Unexpected, to help the 80 per cent of pet owners who have yet to make plans for unexpected situations.

The campaign ( features an online guide to take owners through the planning process, including a set of pet lifestyle and care forms (for dogs, cats and small furry pets) for owners to complete and keep safe with other important documents like vaccination records and insurance details.

NAWT chief executive officer Clare Williams said: “Thinking about care for their pet in times of emergency is something many pet owners only consider in passing. Our new campaign aims to help people take the process one step further.”

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