DNA testing discount for breed clubs

The Animal Health Trust (AHT) is launching a new discount scheme for breed clubs, which it hopes will encourage dog owners to make the most of its parentage and DNA profiling tests.

The veterinary charity offers a wide range of services to improve dog health including tests for over 20 specific conditions in 48 different breeds. This new scheme is specifically for breed clubs, and offers group savings on DNA profiling and parentage tests. The more club members that participate in the deal and submit DNA samples, the higher the overall savings for that club will be.

Dr Nigel Holmes, DNA testing manager at the AHT, said: “A DNA profile for a dog is unique to that individual; the only exception to this would be for identical twins. By profiling their stock, breeders can be confident that there are no concerns about the authenticity of their lines.”

“Health schemes for genetic diseases increasingly incorporate DNA testing and in order for these schemes to be successful, it is vitally important that owners invest in getting an accurate DNA test result from a reputable DNA testing centre, such as the AHT”, he added.

DNA profiling has become the standard method for verifying parentage in humans and animals. It is being used in an increasing number of dog registrations, and is widely used to confirm the integrity of breeding records in thoroughbred racing and agricultural stock.

The AHT records all DNA profiles on a secure database and can access those records on behalf of an owner, whenever they are required for parentage checking or to confirm the identity of a dog.

For further details contact the AHT by emailing or call 01638 555 621.



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