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PFMA to launch Friends for Life campaign

Following new research showing that 92 per cent of pet owners with overweight pets do not see obesity as a life threatening risk, the PFMA will launch its ‘Friends for Life’ campaign.

Starting on 8 May, the campaign encourages owners to contact their local vet, retailer or other pet specialist to seek advice on weight management, feeding and a healthy lifestyle for their pet to see if they can improve their regular care routine. These days will be called ‘Weigh in Wednesdays’ and there will be a media campaign to raise awareness among pet owners.

The PFMA believes the pet industry can help to make a difference through education and empowerment to promote responsible feeding, weight management and a healthy lifestyle. Research has shown that by keeping pets to their ideal body condition, their lifespan can be extended by up to two years. 

Chief executive of the PFMA Michael Bellingham says: “Obesity is a big issue and as such it’s not something just one group can make a difference on by working in isolation. It’s important that we talk to pet owners through as many channels as possible and retailers are key, it’s where pet owners go regularly for advice in an informal, non-challenging environment.”

The organisation is producing materials for display in-store and to help champion Weigh in Wednesdays. It is also encouraging those working in the pet sector to educate staff on the campaign; display a campaign poster; give pet owners a campaign leaflet and Pet Size-O-Meter at point of sale or hold own Weigh in Wednesday events.

A toolkit has been created, so sharing the campaign content and supporting the cause couldn’t be easier. There is an additional social media toolkit too, so if you are active on social media please do request this and start a conversation.

Visit to download your toolkit today or call 020 7379 9009 to speak to a member of the team.



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