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OATA urges non-members to share their thoughts

Companies involved at all levels of the aquatics industry that are not members of the Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association (OATA) are being asked to have their say on the organisation.

OATA has created a short online survey for non-member aquatic businesses to fill in as part of a project assessing its aims and objectives.

OATA chief executive Keith Davenport explained: “We’ve asked our members recently what they think our priorities should be and if they think we’re doing a good job for them and the industry. The results showed that members are satisfied with what we’re doing and that they value our work protecting the industry.

“But what will always be more revealing is why businesses don’t join the Association. This is where we can perhaps find some good ideas on how we can improve what we do to make it more attractive and meaningful to the industry we represent.

“We are obviously keen to have as many businesses join the Association because it gives us political and economic clout in our work protecting and promoting the industry at all levels. So understanding why businesses don’t join as a member is very important. We hope companies will spare us a few minutes to give us their thoughts on what we do so that we can improve in the future.”

The questionnaire can be filled in by visiting either or

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