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OATA relaunch website to create consumer-friendly area

The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association (OATA) announced the launch of a completely redesigned website to take shape during November.

The website has been designed to allow the public to search for their nearest OATA retailer; it is simpler to use, while remaining a comprehensive source of information for both the trade and fish keeper; it retains the same address; and incorporates updated design features and content management to simplify the regular updating of site.

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Chief executive Keith Davenport said that after the success of the old site, they wanted to update the site for consumers. He said: “The old website won prestigious awards when first launched.

“It had 45,000 unique visitors a year from 173 countries of the world, reaching not only the trade but also members of the public, and both local and national governments.”

“The new website with its enhanced features will become an even greater focus of interest as a ‘go to’ resource for information. By achieving this goal we will undoubtedly increase OATA’s credibility and influence not just in the UK and Europe but also globally.

This helps us meet our key objectives of promoting and protecting the interests of our members.”

He added: “Raising our profile on the web also makes it more difficult for any businesses in the UK who are not yet shouldering their share of supporting OATA. They can no longer argue that they know nothing about what we do.”

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