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PETA urge rethink of buying pets for Christmas gifts

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has urged people thinking of purchasing pets as presents this Christmas to make sure they have fully considered the commitment.

The Dogs Trust’s stray dog survey 2012 revealed that a shocking 119,000 stray and abandoned dogs were picked up by local councils across the UK over the previous 12 months. This effectively means that every day 325 dogs were rescued and Christmas is the peak time when animals are bought as gifts.

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A spokesperson for the organisation said potential owners should think seriously about the implications of buying a pet as a gift for Christmas, because of the long-term commitment entailed. “The sad reality is that animals are often dropped off at shelters that are already bursting at the seams or dumped on the streets to starve, get hit by cars, or be abused by cruel people.”

“Others spend every day alone, and many are left in crates or cages and animals require attention and care and can’t simply be returned or re-gifted if they don’t suit one’s fancy,” the PETA spokesperson added.

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