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Website launched to help vets setting up in practice

Vets4Pets has launched its new website, aiming to inform veterinary professionals about joint venture partnerships.

The new website, started by the national network of veterinary practices, wants to explain the opportunities of joint venture partnerships and how the prospect of running a practice can be a reality and details the benefits of being your own boss.

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“I was honoured and terrified in equal measures at being approached to be one of the faces of the new Vets4Pets marketing campaign,” said Amie Glaves, a Vets4Pets partner in Rugby. “The fact that Vets4Pets was adamant they wanted to use their own vets in the advertising is testament to the company as a whole.”

“I cannot wait to walk into my own practice on Day One and run it exactly how I have always envisioned a good practice should be run – with the knowledge that behind-the-scenes are specialists in finance, human resources and marketing to help with the sides of the business that I need support with,” she added.

The new website features a searchable partner directory, which allows users to see and read about every partner, and learn a bit about them and their journey to becoming a practice owner. It also allows users to find fellow university and vet school alumni and get in touch with them.

In addition, the site features a veterinary blog, which covers everything from hints and tips about running your own practice, clinical cases, plus blogs by partners and Vets4Pets, with their take on current news and events in the industry.

The connection between industry professionals is important to the vet group and pioneering them within the marketing was a great way to communicate the values of the organisation. “We feel the best way for veterinary professionals to hear the truth is straight from the horse’s mouth. We wanted to move away from just telling them how great an opportunity joint venture partnership can be, it is our partners’ success stories that speak for themselves,” said Mike Hopkins, group marketing director for Vets4Pets.

To find out more about joint venture partnership opportunities with Vets4Pets, interested vets or vet nurses should visit the website.

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