Westminster Dog of the Year competition opens

Parliament is abuzz as voting for the most keenly contested competition on the ‘pawlitical’ calendar, Westminster Dog of the Year, opens to the public online.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the competition that sees the dogs of MPs battle it out to be crowned Westminster Dog of the Year. Organised by Dogs Trust and the Kennel Club, the event will be held on 25 October at Victoria Tower Gardens, Westminster.

MPs will use social media to rally support from their constituents and encourage them to vote for their canine companion. Public votes will contribute to the final decision, together with the high-speed doggie dash and competition judging.

Kennel Club communications director Caroline Kisko said: “The competition is open to all parliamentarians’ dogs, and we aim to find the dog that is the most worthy of the title; whether they help to blaze the political trail in their owner’s constituencies, or simply offer their MP masters the odd lick of support.”

Chief executive of Dogs Trust Clarissa Baldwin added “Many of this country’s MPs are dog lovers and the Westminster Dog of the Year competition celebrates the unique bond between people and dogs and is arguably the cleanest political battle in Westminster.”

To find out more about the event and vote for your Westminster Dog of the Year, visit

Image: Last year’s winner Wilberforce and his owner Neil Parish MP.

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