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Desperate Housewife is Sheba’s first celebrity ambassador

Sheba’s first celebrity ambassador, Eva Longoria, will star in the cat food brand’s new £3.3 million advertising campaign when it goes live in August.

Entitled ‘Follow Your Passion’, the campaign focuses on celebrating and fuelling the passions of cat lovers everywhere through a combination of television adverts, in-store promotional activity and social media engagement.

Sheba brand manager Julia Nicoara said: “This is the first ambassador partnership Sheba has been involved with and it is a huge opportunity to increase brand awareness and target a new generation of cat lovers. As a confident, spirited, sophisticated and beautiful woman, Eva is the perfect ambassador for Sheba. Her incredible passion for life comes across in everything she does from acting, to cats, to philanthropy. Our 2012 campaign will focus on celebrating the many passions in our consumers’ lives, so we are very excited to be working with Eva.”

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