Doncaster reptile show goes ahead, despite controversy

The mayor of Doncaster, Peter Davies, has spoken out about his attempts to put a stop to the reptile show at the Doncaster Dome this month.

The International Herpetological Society went to the High Court to force bosses at the Doncaster Council-owned venue to allow its show to go ahead.

Permission was granted on the understanding that no animals would be sold at the event.

Mayor of Doncaster Peter Davies, having been accused of giving in to pressure from animal rights campaigners, said: “I’m not greatly entertained by these sorts of animals being kept as pets. They should be wild, and if they’re not wild they should be kept in reputable zoos.

“No one leans on me and I am quite capable of making decisions based on common sense. This was one based on animal welfare.”

The show went ahead, with vets in attendance, and attracted more than 2,500 visitors.

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